Adventure Park

Adventure Park is the hottest place to cool off with friends, family, team mates or work colleagues. Situated in a natural wooded environment, Adventure Park is a true leisure area reserved for a very wide public. It makes for a fantastic venue, offering a brand new way to celebrate. Adventure Park has clearly a more recreational purpose."Recreational-oriented" Adventure Parksare usually designed for a larger volume of visitors. They do not follow a specific educational concept, but see the individual, physical and mental challenge as a predominantly recreational activity. Neither climbing techniques nor special/specific physical fitness experience is necessary

Activities involved in the Adventure Park include :-

Rock Climbing
It is the most challenging sports, because it is not about if you are "built" or  not,  it   is  about flexibility, stamina, endurance, and having the right mind for solving tactical positions, it also works your whole body completely. It is the most rewarding sport.
Water Roller
Water roller is a giant 9.8-foot long plastic cylinder, with which the tourists can rock-and-cross the river safely. The inset cups on the outer surface help grip and paddle the way through the water as tourist spin the cylinder. With an internal chamber, tourist can engage in Nuclear Face-Off as a tourist or his friend compete to bump and bounce each other into submission.
Walking Zorb
It is another exciting activity one can use for the fun or any type of recreation. Here the person move like trade mill and the ball will move. Size available 12 ft and 9 ft. (With inner suspended ball about 6 ft)
Zorbing Ball
The transparent PVC ball like the walking Zorb but the person here are harnessed inside the inner ball and the ball rolls when pushed on a plain surface or pushed from the slope. Size available 12 ft and 9 Ft (with inner suspended ball about 6 ft).
Body Zorb
This Zorb is used for different types of fun games or bumper fights. For this wear it and start the race / game.
High Rope Activity
Zip Line ( L app 50 Mt - 1000 Mt )
Material- Galvanized metal wire 10 mm, 01 double imp pulley, 01 single imp
Pulley, 08 imp Carabiner, 02 imp full body harness, 02 helmet imp, 03 pair mittens.
200 ft 8mm Indian rock climbing rope.
Swinging Logs ( L app 30 Mt - 100 Mt )
Fun additions to the Adventure Park, swinging logs are constructed by taking a log and securing each end with strong Polysteel rope. This enables a person to test their balance and steadiness by walking across the secure but unsteady log.
Material- galvanized metal wire 10 mm, 02 single imp ulley, 07 imp Carabiner, 02 imp waist     harness, 02 helmet imp, 02 pair mittens. 100 ft 8mm Indian rock climbing rope, wooden logs.
Double Rope Bridge
Two ropes are tied one below the other to the anchors on either side of the obstacle. The distance between the ropes should not be more than 3 feet. The lower rope is used to walk on, and the rope on the top is held by the individual while walking sideways. In this method an individual can cross the obstacle with his equipment.
The material will be the Nylon rope (used for the climbing purpose) with the sets of the Carabiner Base
Slack lining is a very fun and challenging "sport" that requires a lot of skill. Slack lining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground and usually anchored between two trees.  Originating in the climbing world, slack lining has evolved into a cross trainer, backyard activity and sport all of its own.
Tarzan Swing
This method can be used to cross over narrow a water obstacle where a tree or any other natural anchor is available near and over the obstacle. A rope is tied to this anchor and the obstacle can be crossed by the individual by taking a swing. The free end of the rope should be of adequate length so that the individual can easily take a swing and cross over. The strength of the tree / branch should also be checked before taking a swing.
Burma Bridge
The bridge in the Burma Bridge is represented by three parallel cables/ropes set in a triangular fashion – bottom foot cable with two hand lines about four feet above that foot cable. As with any high traversing element, an overhead belay cable parallels the lower cables. This is one of the easiest high elements to complete, thus providing a good choice for those feeling highly challenged just by being at an elevation
The material will be the Nylon rope (used for the climbing purpose) with   bamboo  ladder  base having the gap of approx 1ft each.
Commando Net Climbing
On this high Net element, participants will need to cross a vertical Net with the use of a hand and foot . While the concept is simple, the slack in the net line provides quite a larger challenge. Participants will discover that there are a few ways of using the hand line to their benefit, having to make adjustments in technique as they move along.
The material will be the Nylon rope with the bowline army knot with a knot gap of approx 8 inches.
Cargo Net
A cargo net is a type of net. It is usually square or rectangle, but sometimes round, made of thick rope, with cinch ropes extending from the corners, and in some designs, the edges. It is named for its use in transferring cargo to and from ships.
Burma Bridge
The Burma rope bridge is the classic rope walking activity for the thrill seekers. It involves  a thick rope on the base to walk upon, and then two ropes on the sides to hold on to as this bridge stretches across an area. We organize this group activity at the camp with the safety equipment and experienced guides. and experienced guides and experienced guides.
The material will be the Nylon rope (used for the climbing purpose) with bamboo ladder base having the gap of approx 1ft each.