Adventure Tourism

India's most happening destination, Kerala offers its visitors opportunities and experiences to unleash their adventure spirit.

Apart from its picture-postcard beauty, Kerala is also an ideal destination for adventure sports. This beautiful land has in store an array of adventure packed destinations; be it the high altitude mountain ranges, gushing rivers, deep dark forests or the vast stretches of the sea.

Aquatic sports, wildlife treks and paragliding are some of the most sought after activities as part of adventure tourism in Kerala.

Get off the tourist trail and pack your bags for Kerala Natventure. Where adventure is all about taking on nature in its raw. Taming its twists and turns . Its rocky paths. Its highs. and lows. Its rapids. Its slow currents. Its calm. Its fury. Come, the trip of your life beckons.

A unique topography, diverse terrain and equable climate are what make Kerala an exclusive adventure destination. From high mountains, gorges and deep –cut valleys to rolling hills and shallow valleys, Kerala's 38, holds within itself a variety of landscapes that differ in settings and flavour. Each one of them will offer you an intense encounter with nature: each one of them will set you off on some of life's most interesting journeys.