Wildlife Safaris

With 16 wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks nestled in the Western Ghats, Kerala offers countless options for wildlife safaris. The rich flora and fauna as well as the unique topography of the sanctuaries make every safari truly special. Enjoy majestic views of the forest perched comfortably on the back of an elephant. Follow a tiger trail. Come face to face with wild boars, otters, exotic birds and more. A boat safari through the Periyar Lake will enable you to spot herds of elephants, sambar deer etc. by the water's edge.

Preferred destinations
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki
Sprawled across 777 sq.km, Periyar Sanctuary's unique geomorphology, diverse wildlife and beautiful landscape make it a hotspot for wildlife safaris. Declared as Tiger Reserve, the Sanctuary's 26 sq.km artificial lake, which serves as a watering hole for the animals during summer, adds to the experience.
Gavi Wildlife Sanctuary, Pathanamthitta Developed as an exclusive ecotourism project Gavi's evergreen forests shelter exotic wildlife including the Lion Tailed Macaque and Nilgiri Marten as well as rare flora including Podocarpus Wallichinia. The forests are also home to over 320 species of birds- the Great Indian Hornbill sunbird, wood pecker and more.
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Declared as a project elephant site and rich in bio diversity Wayanad sanctuary is where you can see elephants roaming freely. Tigers, deer and wild boars can also be sighted occasionally at this Sanctuary that shelters flora typical of the South Indian moist deciduous forests and west coast semi evergreen forests.